St Louis TMJ | Brentwood Family Dental Center

For residents of St Louis, TMJ can be painful and tough to treat. Not all dentists are equipped to treat this neuromuscular disease. If you suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, better known as TMJ or TMD, you need to visit the Brentwood Family Dental Center. Why suffer longer? Call us at 314-647-1100 to schedule your consultation today.

Brentwood Family Dental Center is among the limited number of dental centers that specialize in this advanced form of dentistry known as neuromuscular dentistry. We concentrate on the jaw muscles, nerves and joints, as well as the teeth and gums. While most dentists just concentrate on the teeth and gums, Brentwood understands that all the components have to work together for your mouth to feel pain free.

Since TMJ can be extremely painful to your head, neck, and shoulder areas, you will only get relief by visiting a trained dental expert, like Dr. Quigless. He can diagnose the problem that you may be having. So many people live with this pain, thinking that there is nothing that they can do, not realizing that the pain is treatable. By visiting Dr. Quigless and the Brentwood Family Dental Center, you can be sure that you will get the best TMJ care. Dr. Quigless received his training from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the premier school for neuromuscular dentistry. He also has a five star service rating!

Dr. Quigless is nationally recognized for his expertise in neuromuscular dentistry solutions, as well as addressing his patientsÂ’ general and cosmetic dentistry needs. We are thoroughly dedicated to your health and the beauty of your smile. We are an entirely amalgam-free practice.

Dr. Quigless is a member of:

  • The National Dental Association
  • The American Dental Association
  • The Missouri Dental Association
  • And the Grenter St. Louis Dental Society

Dr. Quigless can help you deal with the pain and discomfort of TMJ. He knows the solutions for you and can ensure that you will feel better, relieving your pain. Not only can he help with your pain and discomfort, he can also assist you with the cosmetic dentistry that you might need because of the TMD. Because this disorder often causes chipped or broken teeth, Dr. Quigless can ensure that you get your smile back. For residents of St Louis, TMJ suffering doesnÂ’t have to be just a part of life. Brentwood Family Dental Center can assist you in ridding yourself of pain and embarrassment. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation at 314-647-1100.