Do you have migraines?

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Has your physician been unable to find the underlying cause of your migraines?

Have you been referred from physician to physician without any solution or cure for your migraines?

Have you tried several pain medications without success?

Have you been to a neurologist, had an MRI or a CAT scan that came out negative?

Did you know that migraines often mimick TMD disorders, and therefore TMD is often misdiagnosed by physicians as migraines and the problem is not solved. If you have migraines, please take advantage of our FREE CONSULT and possibly save yourself a life of pain. Call Now!

If you still have not found the cause for your migraines or face, neck and/or shoulder pain, then you could be suffering from TMJ or TMD. It is a disease state of the muscles in the face and jaw that can cause this pain that you wake up with or suffer throughout the day, and if you want to end the pain then call Dr. Quigless in St. Louis.

Dr. Quigless is nationally recognized for his treatment of TMJ/TMD/Neurological dental cases. He has extensive training and patients come from all over Missourri, Illinois and the country to see him in hopes of ending the constant pain of migraines whose cause is elusive.

Browse our information pages or call now to speak to an expert who can answer and address any questions or concerns you have about your migraines or TMJ Dentistry. We have helped thousands of patients end the pain that they thought they would never get rid of, let us help you, too!